PLEASE ALSO READ our FAQS page and be sure you are aware of everything before placing your order. If you have any questions, please send us an email at: Read the 7 steps below to learn how to order your horse hair jewellery.


Decide first if you are sending hair from your horse, looking to use hair we have in stock, or looking to purchase an item already made and ready to go. Take a look through our products section to help you decide what you’d like to order. Once you have decided what you need, take a peek at the instructions below.


Find the tailbone and grab some of tail hair just where the bone ends, (it’s nice if you can comb it at this stage) from the inside of the tail. Clip it as close to the dock bone as possible, then pull the hair free from the rest of the tail.

Collect your horses hair..NOTE: MUST BE tail hair ONLY. The mane is not as strong as tail hair. If mane hair is all you have, shoot me an email and we’ll discuss what you’re looking to do. There are times I can make something from mane, providing it’s not so soft or too many short hairs. If  your items to be made are of a lost friend, please pay careful attention to number 3.

Here is a great video that explains how to cut horse tail hair.

Tie the hair with a rubber band. Please don’t use tape or string. Please do not knot or braid. If you’d like to mix some color, you can cut hair from different areas for the tail.

Once you have a good amount (at least 3 pencils wide, 11 inches long) Then please shampoo your horse hair (not condition). Once dry, place in a baggie. (see shipping and packing below).

NOTE: if you send your hair unwashed, braided or matted, it will be an extra fee of $10.00 PER ITEM as that adds an extra time to the project. Please make sure it’s clean and brushed out.

For treasures made of lost equine friends, do not send the entire tail. We do not send back the hair that has been sorted. We can however, send back any hair we didn’t use if requested.

For key chains and zipper pulls, earrings: Make sure the better part of bundle is at least 7, 8 inches long. For bracelets: 11 inches. For necklaces: 11 inches or more in length.


For bracelets you have the option of a charm and or a rhinestone/Bead added. As well as your horse’s name stamped on blank charm which will be attached near the clasp. Be sure to let me know what you would like on the jewellery. If you choose not to add a name on the bracelet you can add a charm instead. Extra charms are 2.00 each. We have different charms at different times as well as the beads and rhinestones. What you see on the site isn’t always available at the time of your order. So be sure to check with us first.

The end caps are ordered by the thickness of the bracelet, so be sure to choose the correct size. The clasps on the accessory page change often as well. If you have a shorter bracelet, it’s best to go for the smaller clasps as the larger ones take up over an inch of the length.

Keychains include a blank charm with a name and or saying and one charm. Extra charms are 2.00 each. You can Visit our Accessory page to see what is available.


Most importantly, we need to know what size your wrist is. (Measure your wrist at the largest part – around the bone – and write that down.) If you don’t have a measuring tape, just use a string and put that in the bag.

If it is for a gift, use the following guidelines): (you could also purchase a gift certificate from us, that way you don’t need to guess and don’t need to cut your friends horse tail 😉

Child’s size = 6 inches
Average woman = 7.5 inches
Big boned woman = 8.5 inches
Average Man or if you want to wear it as an anklet = 9 inches

If you provide a wrist size based on this chart only, we are not responsible if it doesn’t fit. These bracelets can’t be resized. We can however, add a bit of chain or jump rings to make it a tad longer if needed.

Here is a great video that shows you how to measure your wrist.

Please note: Necklaces are usually finished at whatever length the hair allows. If you want a specific length, you’ll need to let me know.


IMPORTANT: Once hair is washed, dried, and tied with one elastic (no braids), place in a baggie. To help me keep all orders on my desk organized, please print horses name on the baggie as well as yours. Especially if there is more than one horse’s tail hair being sent. Or write on a piece of paper and insert in the baggie. If you’re creating different items from each hair, please place each in their own bag with their own instructions. You may add more then one horses tail into one bracelet, key chain or necklace. This actually looks really sharp when it’s different colors.

Then add the size of your wrist (tight) on the baggie as well or instruction paper. (We will add  1/2 an inch to an inch to that size).  You can add all this information on a piece of paper and place in the baggie instead if you like. Either way, as long as info is in or on the bag. Sometimes we have a lot of different hairs on our table, so this keeps things sorted.


These are Canadian prices – shipping & handling is not included in prices you see on the site. Contact us for shipping fees. Regular post in most parts of Ontario/Canada is $8.00-$10.00. (no tracking).
Express post with tracking in Ontario is $18.00.

To the states is min $12.00 regular post. Express is usually around $30.00. If you order several items shipping can change just a bit.

If you ship regular post from the states or other countries to here (Canada) expect a 2-3 week waiting period and that goes for once the product is completed and shipped back as well. If you prefer express post, please let us know and you can pay for the express post both ways or one way at the time of payment.

To ship your hair to us, please mail too:
Anna Sawicki c/o Destiny’s Horse Hair Jewellery
998170, Hwy 11
New Liskeard, Ont
P0J 1P0.

NOTE: we are not responsible for any lost packages to us or back your way. We do not refund or create another item if lost in the mail. If you don’t choose shipping that includes tracking, we are also not able to track it. Regular post does not give this option. We have not lost a package to date though 😉 ALL MONEY IS also non refundable.

We get to the post office to ship your items two times a week generally. We’ll let you know ahead of time. If you’re really tight for time, just talk to us and we’ll work something out.

If you are sending hair of sentimental importance that cannot be replaced, I advise posting special delivery or recorded traceable. We are not responsible for anything lost in the mail on the way here or going out.


Payments must be made before the project is started.  Once your package is ready to ship, send payment with one of the following methods;

Paypal: payment to: We will gladly email you an invoice if you require one.

Email Money Transfer (preferred payment): We accept email money transfers too:

Money Order: Or you can send an International money order with your horsehair when you mail it. (please do not send a domestic money order, they are not negotiable in Canada.) Make money orders out too Anna Sawicki.

We do not accept cheques.

We will NOT start any projects until payment is made in full. If by chance an item isn’t paid and it’s not picked up within a month, we have the right to sell the item or any item made by our company.

All purchases are non-refundable. PLEASE ALSO READ our FAQS page and be sure you are aware of everything before placing your order. If you have any questions, please send us an email at: