Horse hair jewellery is a delicate piece of jewellery. It’s not meant to be worn on a daily basis while sleeping or with other jewellery. Do not wear in the shower or allow to get wet.

To keep your horse hair jewellery lasting longer, purchase some hair spray and spray the hair now and then. It shines it up and keeps it harder, and helps prevent some hair slippage. Do not expose to chemicals which would damage your own hair. Do not wear other jewellery or watches next to your horsehair jewellery, it could cause the hair to fray.

On occasion, hair will move and slip out. Use nail clippers or small scissors and trim it off as close as you can get. As well, please wear the piece in the shape that it is sent to you. If you try to bend it the opposite way, it will fray all the hair.

All purchases are non-refundable.

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